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  • Is it free entry?
    Yes entry is always free unless a special event is scheduled. On standard Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, entry is free. If you wish to check if there is a special event on a specific date, please visit our events page HERE
  • Do I need a booking to come?
    No you don't, but we definitely recommend it to avoid any disappointment! There are 2 options for coming to Dirty Sultan, coming with a booth booking or coming as walk-ins. Booth bookings are made via the website at and must be made more than 10hrs prior. For walk-ins we offer spaces such as the dining tables, and we can usually accommodate groups up to 4 with seating, although there may be a wait time on Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • Do you have a phone number?
    We apologize but we do not have a phone number for receiving calls as all of our bookings are now booked via the website. If you have a question that is not answered here, you are welcome to email and our team will assist you.
  • What is the dress code?
    We always endeavor to not generalize or discriminate with our dress code, and we ask that our guests dress 'smart casual' when coming to the venue. Whether the overall outfit is 'smart casual' or not is the decision of management and security. Below is a general guide for our different sessions. Afternoon During the day we are more relaxed and t-shirts, shorts and hats are permitted. We ask that guests still do not come in costumes, novelty wear, thongs or singlets. Evening In the evening we ask that guests please dress 'smart casual', although t-shirts and shorts are permitted. Hats, singlets, thongs, novelty-wear and sporting jerseys are not permitted. Late Night It is expected that guests dress 'smart casual' and shorts, thongs, hoodies, bum-bags, beanies, baseball caps, snap-backs, bucket hats, sporting-wear, novelty-wear and costumes are not permitted. The restrictions on dress may be relaxed or made stricter by Dirty Sultan management and security at any time.
  • What is the tattoo policy?
    Face or head tattoos are not permitted, and any individuals with gang-related tattoos can not legally enter the premises. Neck tattoos may be permitted if consent from Dirty Sultan management or security is given. We hate to generalize with our rules, and if you believe your tattoo should be permitted you are welcome to contact us via email ( or instagram with a photo for management to review.
  • What are the drink prices?
    We apologize but these can not legally be displayed publicly. Please contact our team directly at to obtain a full copy of our drinks menu with pricing.
  • Do you provide parking?
    We apologize we do not have any on-site parking but we have both Cornerstone and Secure Parking car parks close by, and there is also ample street parking on Constance St and Bridge St
  • Are there surcharges on weekends/public holidays?
    At Dirty Sultan there is no surcharge for weekends, but a surcharge of 15% does apply to all transactions on public holidays.
  • Are minors able to attend?
    We apologize but we can not admit minors in Dirty Sultan at any time while it is open to the public. This unfortunately includes babies and small children, and applies to both booth bookings and walk-ins. Minors are permitted in private functions in The Rose Room and private functions with the entire Dirty Sultan rooftop. Please be aware rooftop booth bookings are not private functions.
  • Can I bring outside food?
    If you wish to bring a cake, you are welcome to do so! Cakes are to be given to staff on arrival and stored in our kitchen, can be brought out for celebrations, and are then plated by the chef and served by our staff. The cakeage fee for this is $3 per plate. If you wish to bring other outside food for consumption inside the venue (eg. cupcakes, desserts, other baked goods) we apologize but this is not permitted. We ask that you instead consider ordering items from our dessert menu.
  • Can dietaries be accommodated?
    Our food menu details what dietaries can be accommodated, by outlining the default dietaries and what items are modifiable. Please ensure our staff and bookings team are aware of dietaries so that they can notify the guests what items are safe and what should be avoided. Please note that the gluten free items on our menu are safe for gluten intolerant guests, but we can not guarantee safety for highly-sensitive coeliacs due to the constraints of the small rooftop kitchen.
  • Is your food Halal?
    Yes it is! We do not cook with pork or alcohol and our meat suppliers are Halal certified.
  • What time does table service and food service end?
    Food and table service are available until 9pm, although this may differ on some Thursdays and Sundays For our 10pm-2am booth bookings, table service is not available but VIP bottle service is. Please see the bottle service section of the FAQ for more information.
  • Do you offer bottle service?
    VIP bottle service is always available to those with seating or a booth booking, and each purchase of a bottle of spirits comes with a sparkler, 3 bottomless mixers and a VIP waitress to serve the drinks at your area. Pricing can not legally be displayed online, but you can contact to request a copy of the drinks menu with pricing.
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