What are the rules for cancelling/rescheduling due to COVID?

If covid restrictions make your booking impossible for both you and Dirty Sultan (such as a lockdown) then we will happily refund any deposits made (less transaction fees incurred) or assist your group in rescheduling. If your booking is impacted but is still able to go ahead, then our standard rules for cancelling and rescheduling apply (see the Booths section of the FAQ).



Do you have a phone number?

We apologize but we do not have a phone number for receiving calls as all of our bookings are now booked via the website. If you have a question that is not answered here, you are welcome to email and our team will assist you.

What is the dress code?

Please dress worthy of meeting the Sultan. We ask that the overall attire of our guests is not casual, and decisions of Dirty Sultan management and security are made based on the outfit as a whole. Below is a list of what is not permitted:

  • No fighting, surf or skate branded clothing
  • No sporting team jerseys or shirts
  • No shorts
  • No hoodies
  • No bum bags
  • No thongs or sandals
  • No skate shoes
  • No ‘fancy dress’, costumes or novelty items
  • No baseball style caps
  • No beanies
  • No T-Shirts after 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays
Please note that ultimately it is the decision of Dirty Sultan management and security if an individual's dress is acceptable for the venue, and above items pay be permitted in certain circumstances. The restrictions on dress may be relaxed or made stricter by Dirty Sultan management and security at any time.

What is the tattoo policy?

Face or head tattoos are not permitted, and any individuals with gang-related tattoos can not legally enter the premises. Neck tattoos may be permitted if consent from Dirty Sultan management or security is given.

We hate to generalize with our rules, and if you believe your tattoo should be permitted you are welcome to contact us via email ( or instagram with a photo for management to review.

Can I pre-order?

We do accept pre-orders over $300. For smaller orders we ask that you please order a-la-carte on the day, and we assure you our food service is quick enough to render pre-ordering unnecessary.

What are the drink prices?

We apologize but these can not legally be displayed publicly. Please contact our team directly at to obtain a full copy of our drinks menu with pricing.

Do I need a booking to come?

There are 2 options for coming to Dirty Sultan, coming with a booth booking or coming as walk-ins.

Booth bookings are made via the website at and must be made more than 10hrs prior.

For walk-ins we offer spaces such as the dining tables, and we can usually accommodate groups up to 5 with seating, although there may be a wait time on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Are there surcharges on weekends/public holidays?

At Dirty Sultan there is no surcharge for weekends, but a surcharge of 15% does apply to all transactions on public holidays.

Are minors able to attend?

We apologize but we can not admit minors in Dirty Sultan at any time while it is open to the public. This unfortunately includes babies and small children, and applies to both booth bookings and walk-ins.

Minors are permitted in private functions in The Rose Room and private functions with the entire Dirty Sultan rooftop. Please be aware rooftop booth bookings are not private functions.

Do you provide parking?

Dirty Sultan provides discounted parking to guests who park at McWhirters Secure Parking. For those who enter after 4pm and exit before 5am, their ticket (when validated) will be $8. To validate your ticket please present it to the bar staff while in the venue.

Can I bring outside food?

If you wish to bring a cake, you are welcome to do so! Cakes are to be given to staff on arrival and stored in our kitchen, can be brought out for celebrations, and are then plated by the chef and served by our staff. The cakeage fee for this is $3 per plate.

If you wish to bring other outside food for consumption inside the venue (eg. cupcakes, desserts, other baked goods) we apologize but this is not permitted. We ask that you instead consider ordering items from our dessert menu.

Is your food Halal?

Yes it is! We do not cook with pork or alcohol and our meat suppliers are Halal certified.

What time does table service and food service end?

Food and table service are available until 9pm, although this may differ on some Thursdays and Sundays For our 10pm-2am booth bookings, table service is not available but VIP bottle service is. Please see the bottle service section of the FAQ for more information.

Do you offer bottle service?

VIP bottle service is always available to those with seating or a booth booking, and each purchase of a bottle of spirits comes with a sparkler, 3 bottomless mixers and a VIP waitress to serve the drinks at your area. Pricing can not legally be displayed online, but you can contact to request a copy of the drinks menu with pricing.


Booth Bookings

How do the minimum spends work?

Some booth bookings do not require a minimum spend, and only require a deposit. This deposit is paid online when booking and can be used in the venue on food, drinks and/or shisha.

For booths that do feature a minimum spend, $50 is paid online as a deposit, and the remainder is to be paid upon arrival. All of which then becomes a bar tab of credit to use in the venue on any combination of food, drinks and/or shisha, for the duration of your booking. To make this process as quick and smooth as possible we ask that this be paid by 1 person.

The minimum spend can not be made up by the individual spending of those within a group paying and ordering separately, as this is impossible to track within a busy venue with multiple groups.

Can I arrive at a different time to the session start time?

If you plan to arrive later than the start time of your booked session, this is permitted if Dirty Sultan is notified at the time of booking, although the minimum spend and finish time of the booking will still be the same.

If no one arrives within 30 minutes of the start time, the booked space is no longer guaranteed and may be cancelled, with your deposit being charged as a cancellation fee.

The start time can not be changed on the day of the booking.

If you are late please be mindful we do not have a phone number and do not ask you to contact the venue, because contacting the venue will not change the procedure outlined above.

Does a booth booking require a deposit?

There is a $50 deposit per booth (not per person) required for online bookings, and this is then credit for you to use inside the venue.

For information regarding how this deposit relates to cancellations, late arrivals, and rescheduling, please see the relevant sections of the FAQs

What is the cancellation policy?

Should you need to cancel your booking, please contact Deposits can be refunded (less transaction fees incurred) if more than 30 days of notice is given. If the booking is cancelled within 30 days of the booking, then the deposits will be charged as cancellation fees. Please see the COVID section of the FAQ for information about cancellations due to COVID.

What if I am late to my booking?

If no one arrives within 30 minutes of the start time, the booked space is no longer guaranteed and may be cancelled, with your deposit being charged as a cancellation fee.

If you are late please be mindful we do not have a phone number and do not ask you to contact the venue, because contacting the venue will not change the procedure outlined above.

Are there any hire fees?

We do not have hire fees on any of our bookings, only deposits and minimum spends. Please read the minimum spend section of the FAQ to learn more.

Can I bring additional guests?

You are welcome to bring additional guests but we do not guarantee seating for any number higher than what is recommended for your booked space. If you bring additional guests that do not fit in the booked space, they may need to stand. But as always, our friendly team will do their best to accommodate.

Will my group receive express entry?

We always endeavour to get our booth booking guests inside the venue first, and we can do this for the recommended number of guests that are assigned to your booked space. If you have additional guests coming more than 30 minutes later, we apologize but they may need to line up to enter the venue.

Can I reschedule my booking?

Should you need to reschedule your booth booking, this can be done without requiring a new deposit if Dirty Sultan is notified (with a new date provided) more than 10 days before the booked date.

If you wish to reschedule within 10 days of the booked date, then this will be deemed a cancellation and the deposit paid will be charged as a cancellation fee.


Shisha Bookings

How is the shisha booked?

The Sultan’s Shisha Lounge is a private room within the venue which is booked with the wait staff on the day and can not be pre-booked. The shisha is not available at our booths and is only in the shisha lounge. Our typical booking period is 30 minutes although longer bookings are possible. We recommend booking in your shisha as soon as you arrive at the venue. For more information on this and our pricing, please contact our team at

Where is the Shisha Lounge?

The Shisha is available within our private dedicated Shisha Lounge upstairs on the Dirty Sultan Rooftop.

How much does a shisha booking cost?

To find out information about our shisha pricing, please contact our friendly team at with the subject line as Shisha Pricing.

Can I have food & drinks inside the Shisha Lounge?

During the shisha bookings, food & drinks are not permitted inside the dedicated Shisha Lounge.

Can I have shisha at my dining table or booth?

Our Shisha is only permitted inside the dedicated Shisha Lounge and is not available at the Dining Tables or Booths.

How long is a shisha booking?

Our typical booking period is 30 minutes although longer bookings are possible.